Spy High Mount Starter Kit



Spy High Mount Starter Kit are a unique, quick, and easy way to install and mount your surveillance or wildlife monitoring cameras safely at height, without ever leaving the ground! No ladders or climbing necessary, preventing the risk of injury and reducing theft.

The Spy High Mount Starter Kit comes with two extension poles, each pole extends from 2 ft to 4 ft (60-120cm) in length. All extension poles easily attach together, giving you up to 8ft of height on top of your own reach. The poles connect together with a bayonet grip tip to stop them twisting or loosening. The Poles easily adjust in 15cm increments and lock securely in place. the provided drill bit attaches to the base of the poles, allowing you to easily drill the tree mount in to position safely from the ground.

The Camera Mount simply screws into the back or bottom of your trail camera, depending on the model. The screw thread is 1/4-20″ which is compatible with most cameras. The mounting platform is equipped with a rubber ball, enabling the mount to easily rotate and adjust the camera.


Tree Attachments click onto the extension poles to easily screw into the tree, at your chosen height. A few turns of the pole from the use of a drill, drastically reduces installation time. Tree attachments are made of “Nylon Super-Tough” material making the attachments as tough and durable as possible.

The Universal Camera Mount is included, it ensures that no matter which type of camera you have. it can attach to the mounting platform. Both the Camera Mount and the Universal Camera Attachment are made from “Nylon Super-Tough” material. The Universal Camera Attachment includes 2 Bungees that will hold the camera in place. Aiding in achieving an optimum placement onto the mounting platform.

A Laser Bracket and a green-point laser pen are included in the Complete Mounting system. The laser bracket snaps around the end of our extension pole and holds the laser pen. This is to display the cameras line of sight, so you can be sure you’re getting the best shots.

The saw blade attachment fits onto the extension pole, it is to remove branches and debris out of the direct field of view of the camera. Unwanted images of leaves or branches waving in front of the camera are now a thing of the past. Please exercise caution in attaching and removing the sawblade from extension poles to avoid any harm.

To achieve extra height for your camera 4 – 8ft extension poles are available. They are compatible with the 2 – 4ft starter poles, to obtain as much height as possible.

Spy High Mount Starter Kit:

  • 2′-4′ Extension Poles x 2
  • Camera Mounts x 2
  • Tree Attachments x 2
  • Saw Blade x 1
  • Laser Bracket/Laser Pen Set x 1
  • Drill Driver x 1
  • Universal Camera Attachment (includes all hardware). x 1
  • Please note Cameras are sold separately.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 77 × 28 × 7 cm